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Mixed and Mastered The Steppas latest album. #1 on iTunes Reggaes Charts, #2 Billboard Reggae Charts
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Is your song finished but sounds a little softer than your radio favorites? Do you need a little extra polish and punch on your final mix or master to achieve that radio quality sound? Ruff Sound offers audio engineering services for most genres, but specializes in World, Island, Reggae, and Hawaiian music Mastering and Mixing. To achieve that RUFF SOUND, we use the latest in analog and digital equipment. A DAW alone, lacks that little extra punch and warmth that can only be achieved by using quality analog circuitry, high end converters and precise clocking.

Mixed Ho`Aikane’s new song “Good Day”
Recorded, Mixed, and Mastered Baba B’s new album “Love Is Beautiful”
Mixed and Mastered Inna Vision’s “Butterflies”