Singles Songs (5 min or less) - $100 per song

EP or Full Length Album 4+songs - $75 per song

Gold CDR MASTER - $10 per disc ( Digital Delivery is Free of Charge)

DDP delivery available upon req

Masters include all analog and digital processing, real time dithering into Sonic Solutions Workstation, sequencing, editing, level correction, PQ data, catalog number, ISRC and UPC codes (if provided), CD Text and documentation.  Note: CD Text embedded into your master(s) appears only on CD/DVD players with alpha-displays.

1.We accept .wav or .aiff file extensions. No mp3's please! It's important that we get the highest quality audio files possible, preferably at the same bit rate it was mixed at.

2. 24 bit files with sample rates up to 96k are preferred, but 16 bit at 44.1k can be used, which is the sample rate a CD is produced at. Most importantly, send us the files as they were in the mix. Try not to change the bit and sample rates, we have special equipment to ensure the highest quality of sample and bit rate down-conversion and dithering is correct!

3. Please include the artist/song name, a contact email and phone number, and any special instructions you think will help us to achieve the sound you want. Jobs are usually completed in 3-7 days in most cases. 24-48 hour expedited services are available for a fee.

4. You are allowed one set of changes before being charged, to allow for changes in the mix, eq changes, spacial enhancement, fade and edit changes. IMPORTANT: When you receive your master listen to it well so you can request any changes if need be, additional passes - $25 per song

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Mastering Singles 1-3 Songs

Mastering EP or Album 4+songs

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